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Focusing on the small things

In a holistic view of health, self-improvement is not just about what we do for ourselves, but what we do in general. Our activity plays a role in all levels of our health. Physical activities obviously will have a direct effect on our physical fitness, but they will also influence our general emotional and even ... Read More

21 days to a better you …

Everyone has habits. We all have patterns we fall into, even the most free thinking of personalities. The habits may be small, hardly noticeable, even to ourselves, but we all have them. Wether a habit is good or bad is really up to each individual. Only WE really can say if there is something about ... Read More

The why and the how of it …

Everything we do in life is a choice. Even the mood we are in. People are always saying that they are searching for happiness. My take on it is that happiness is not something to look for, but something to choose to be. If we are unhappy, it is because we have not chosen to ... Read More