What day IS it?

I am not one who lives by schedules. I rarely even know what day of the week it is, let alone the actual date. My dad was always a bit like this too. Of course since I am currently not working, and dad has Alzheimer’s … it is that much worse. The days start to blend a bit.

A typical conversation in my house:

""Dad: "What day is today?

Me: "You are asking the wrong person. But it I think it might be Thursday."

At which point I would attempt to verify this tricky fact. If mom is home, she is usually a reliable source. She is very schedule driven and has a very set routine.

We had this very conversation yesterday as a matter of fact. Mom was not home at the time, so I had to verify by other methods. Yesterday I used the newspaper. Works great unless you grab the wrong newspaper.

On a typical day of the week mom works, so she will be up by 5:30 am (if not earlier), to begin getting ready. Part of her routine is getting dad settled for the day. I will usually not get out of bed til around 7:00 am.

This morning I woke up a little after 7 and went downstairs to get some water. I pass my parent’s room and see that dad’s eyes peeking over the sheets. One of the difficulties dad faces with his ailment is he has no self motivation anymore. For instance he will not get out of bed until someone tells him too, even if wide awake. I step into the room and see mom still asleep next to him.

Now after all my hard research yesterday, I am pretty sure today is Friday. And mom works on Fridays. Mom hears me there and opens her eyes.

"Don’t you have to work today?"

"It’s Saturday," she says.

Thinking mom knows I apologize and leave the room. But I still have it in my head that it is Friday, so I use the ultimate calendar resource.

My cell phone.""

Turns out it IS Friday. Apparently mom realizes something is up too, because she gets out of bed and says "It is Saturday isn’t it?"

The trusty cell phone saves the day. I can tell mom without a doubt now it is Friday.

The true value of modern technology. At least we can be sure of the day of the week.