What I have learned in recent weeks.

Once upon a time there was no internet.

I know, I know, many cannot imagine such a thing.

The internet changed the world in many ways. For instance, back in the day, one could actually forgive ignorance, because some people simply did not have the knowledge available to them to actually LEARN. Now that we have knowledge at our beckoning, just with a few wiggling fingers or even a verbal question, people get to CHOOSE to be ignorant. Why actually learn when you can find information that will back up what you WANT to believe just like that. We are no longer forced to accept our lack of knowledge because of lack of opportunity. Now we can simply make the choice to be dumb asses!


But this is not the ONLY advantage the internet has given us. Now people who have never left their home or experienced anything else can easily claim to know everything about everything, simply because they visited a link. They can also prove that everything they don’t want to hear is propaganda or lies because … well … somebody else said so. We can know what we are supposed to look like, since it is so easy to share photoshopped pictures now. And we can be sure to buy just about EVERYTHING we do not need, because we can.

Yep, the internet has done wonders for us.

I want to share a few things I have learned recently, thanks to this endless resource:

  • Virgins males that have never seen anything outside of their village and who are trained from birth that sex is a sin know EVERYTHING there is to know about woman. Especially woman from a culture they have never directly encountered.
  • If it is written on a picture it is true. The more shocking the picture, the more true it is.
  • ALL quotes come from Gandhi, Albert Einstein, or George Carlin. Unless it comes from some religious document or other.
  • It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Whatever IT is.
  • The US is the root of all evil. Unless of course you are FROM the US, in which case it is most likely somebody semitic.
  • All celebrities are wise and knowledgeable.

I am sure I will have much more to learn, but  with these definitive facts, what more do I NEED to know?