What is in your reach?

This project of mine, admittedly a crazy idea from the beginning, has not really caught much attention yet. Maybe it is in how I am approaching it, or maybe the idea is just too out there. Or it could be that I am simply not patient enough. I was talking to a friend that I had not spoken to in a while about this and other projects I have started, and she said something that resonated and gave me a clearer perspective: saving the world is a little beyond my reach.

That is what oh so many people believe. I can not make a difference, so there is no point in me trying. It does not help when my blog (and others like it) that is theoretically about more action and fewer words, has so far been predominantly words. Many people have much to say on peace and change, me obviously being one of them, but words only carry so much weight, even if they can be powerful in their own right. Shouting “I WILL TAKE A STAND!” means absolutely nothing if you don’t actually stand up. That has never been my intent. I was (and still am) hoping to entice people with my idea, hoping others might join in and then we can together create actions that can produce something. Even if the actions start small.

I am by no means giving up on this idea, but it is time for me to put the proverbial money where my mouth is. I have been waxing eloquent (or not, depending on your point of view) about what needs to change, and what is important, and the need for action, but have not personally demonstrated anything that actually could make a mark. Other than a hopeful website that has yet to do much of anything. Time to change that.

a small difference

I have joined up with another blogging friend of mine for a multi-year project that initially was for personal growth. We have both decided to turn it into something that can also benefit others. Effectively we plan to hike the Appalachian Trail in a couple of years (all 2200 miles of it). That is the personal growth part. We have also decided to ask people to make pledges to charities of their choice based on how many miles we walk and how many lbs we lose in both the process of training and actually doing the hike. The idea just started, so who knows how well it will work out. But the key is I (we) are actively doing something that can benefit others. Will this change the world? probably not. Will this bring crazed power-hungry governments back to their senses? I doubt it. But what it has the potential of doing is to raise some funds to help those in need. Maybe only a few, maybe we will get some notice and actually manage to raise some notable numbers.

I am not saying this to toot my horn, or to try to get people to donate. The truth is not enough people are really aware of PAX Nation yet anyways, so that would be kind of ineffective. Rather I am trying to show that EVERYONE has the ability to do SOMETHING to improve the world around them. No single person can “save” or “fix” the whole world. I don’t care what kind of power they wield. We can all just do our part with the reach we have. But if we think that we can not even do that; give up before we even make an attempt … then no we cannot change anything. If you can’t change a whole country aim smaller. Go for your state. Your town. Your neighborhood. Your child.

EVERY little bit makes a difference. Just imagine if seven billion people each made a difference in just the world immediately around them. Do you seriously think that will not do anything?