What to write now?

1. You must proudly display the graphic of the Memetastic Award! All gag reflexes must be put aside. All concern for the use of only high quality images must be laid to rest. You must embrace the rainbows, balloons and true hideousness wonder of the Memetastic Plaque.

2. You must lie! Yes, lie. You must list five things about yourself, four of which must be complete lies.

3. You must Pass On this award to fellow bloggers.

Well I went and did the first one before I even memba’d what the rules were! Good for me! Number 2 is a challenge, but one I am prepared to take, simply because I want to see what I can come up with and if it is at all convincing. Oddly number 3 may be the toughest one for me, because how can I just pick 5, especially when most of the blogs I currently read have already received the honor. Maybe I will conveniently forget about it by the time I write my four and one.

So here goes:

  • For about 18 years I did ten to twelve day canoe / camping trips all over the north-east. On one of these trips, we encountered an old grave stone plop in the middle of the woods, very near where we were about to set up camp. The writing on it was unreadable. The guys I was sharing a tent with and I decided to embrace the spookiness of it and set up our tent right by the stone. In the middle of the night the three of us were awakened at the same time with the echoes of a scream in our ears. We ran outside the tent to see what was going on and heard hysterical laughter, but could find no one near. The next morning nobody else in camp had any idea what we were talking about.
  • I used to work as a travel agent. This allowed some interesting trips. I went on a trip to China with one of our tour groups. While there I was offered two woman’s hands in marriage … simply because I was a single male American.
  • In another one of my man outdoor excursions, I went on a spelunking (caving for those of you saying “Huh?”) trip in Indiana. One of the caves we went into required free rappelling (basically climbing down a rope) about 70 feet, then crawling though a tunnel and going down another 20 feet. We spent several hours there. When returning, I had cramps due to dehydration and was unable to climb back out. We ended up being in the cave for about 12 hours before my companions managed to haul me out.
  • I was a heavy partier when I was younger. I went to a party in a friend’s house outside Boston and we indulged heavily. I am not completely clear on everything that happened, but when I woke up I was in a house somewhere in Connecticut, a good two hours away from where I started. Was fun getting home from that!
  • When I was in college I had a tough time deciding what degree I wanted, because I had so many interests. I declared for three different degrees before I finally barely graduated with a degree in Physics.

Wow. That was tougher than I thought! Even the truth! I am actually sweating!

Sadly I still memba number 3, but I am going to be the rebel! I will do it the American way and allow others to buy the rights to this wondrous award off me. Don’t worry, I come cheap. Maybe I will post an ad in Craig’s List.