What year is it anyway?

So rumor has it today ends something and tomorrow starts something new.

Personally I don’t get it.

What does January 1st start anyway, other that an arbitrary calendar? I mean some dude with a god complex and the money and political clout to back it says: “Name a month after me, and make it the first one!” and suddenly we all think a day plop in the middle of winter means something! Frankly I am surprised we are not celebrating Bush 1st as the New Year these days!

That said, I will be the good boy, stop my whining and pretend it actually means something.

My year in review:

  • Nothing much happened.
  • A little more of nothing.
  • Wrote some decent blog posts.
  • Continued to not earn an income.
  • Started a book and began working on one previously started.
  • Got an iPhone.
  • Met some amazing people.
  • Didn’t have a heart attack.
  • Left my house once or twice.
  • More nothing.
  • Learned a lot about my self.
  • More decent blog posts.
  • Some more nothing.

All in all a very good year!

Seriously while I can not specifically point out highlights of my year, it has more to do with how I think than that they did not exist. I am a very now focused person, so the past quickly becomes out of mind for me. That does not mean I do not remember things, just that they stay foggy unless specifically needed. I can easier display what I have gained from the year by what I have learned (or relearned):

That kind of sums it up actually!

Now on to the Resolution thang. Basically I have only ever kept one New Year’s Resolution: the one that said I would never make another New Year’s Resolution. But I do have some expectations:

  • The world will NOT end. My take (from a recent status I posted on FB): You know why the world is not going to end in the near future? Because humanity hasn’t gotten a clue yet. The moment everyone finally gets it … that is when the world will end.
  • I will finish two books and maybe even publish them.
  • I will do some travelling that I really want to do.
  • I will live today as if it were my FIRST (more on that in a future blog post).
  • I will once again make my mark on the world.

Since to me January 1st really is just another day, I will wish everyone a

Happy New Day! And many to follow!! May all your dreams come true because you make them! Live. Love. Be happy!!