Whatever happened to imagination?

It boggles my mind that with all the wonders mankind sees and better yet creates every moment … that anyone can actually have a closed mind. Those who believe in an all-knowing, all-powerful deity should be able to believe that ANYTHING is possible. Yet they set limits on everything, because it steps outside their comfort zone. Ironically, those who choose science as their religion are just as unwilling to expand their limits. If it is not explainable by science, it simply can’t be.

Whatever happened to imagination?

Nothing we “know” or believe today would even exist without the power of imagination.  Every thing we perceive about the wold started as a question. What is that? Why is that? How is that? These are the basis of all belief systems. Those based on “mythology  and magic” … basically someone said, “I think THIS is the answer …” and others saw it as a good answer. The scientific approach is really no different … the primary difference is really how much effort was put in to “prove” the correctness of the answer. Even more ironically, much of the “magic” of the past was just science that had not been explained yet.

But somehow in the now, people seem to think that there is nothing more to explain. If it has not already been explained, it doesn’t exist. Until someone refuses to accept that arrogance and goes and proves it does. Again ironically this happens no matter what “now” we are talking about. Yet we insist on not learning from those who have been proven wrong before. Where did humanity learn to be so arrogant?

Maybe if we all learned to open our minds again; to let the imagination soar once again; maybe then we would have just little less strife in the world. Try it right now. Imagine that the next time we hear an idea that we totally disagree with … instead of just shutting it down, we said to ourselves “What if?” Who knows where that simple question could lead us? I can tell it where it WON’T lead though. To argument. To anger and harsh words. If both people on the side of such a disagreement asked that question, they might even create some magic of their own.

Stretch the imagination a bit further. Imagine that the two dissenters … instead of adamantly disagreeing … both gave merit to the other side. If together they looked for an answer that actually can encompass both of their thoughts. Imagine what might develop then? The human mind has so much potential … when allowed to flourish as it should be. But if we box it in with self-made restrictions … it can never truly reach that potential. Maybe, just maybe we should try working TOGETHER in creation instead of against each other, inevitably ending up in destruction.

Imagine that.