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PAX Nation is a community, which means that EVERYONE has an input. If you would like to share about … well … ANYTHING, this is the place. Maybe you have an idea that you think might be productive to the goals of the Nation. Or perhaps you have some expertise on a subject that you believe is worth sharing. Maybe you just want to tell everyone a little bit about where you are from. Whatever it is you would like to share, all we ask is that you are guided by the Golden Rule … give the same respect to others that you expect for yourself.

A few hints about content:

  • The default category is “Thoughtful Words.” You are welcome to change the category. If the existing list does not meet your needs, suggest a new category using the form to the right, and the category will be added and your post updated accordingly.
  • Tags are descriptive words on what your post is about. If you don’t choose any, they will be added for you.
  • You can add up to 10 images. If they are not your own, make sure they are appropriately credited.
  • All posts need to be approved before final posting. The only editing that may be done will be for typos and maybe spelling errors. If for some reason the post is considered inappropriate, it will not be posted, with an explanation as to why sent to you (which you can contest of course).
  • If you have sources, share them. If you are stating opinion, make sure that you are clear about this. Opinions are welcome, intentional misinformation is not.
  • People can comment on any blog post. Keep in mind that not everyone will agree with what you are saying. If warranted start a new conversation rather than have a debate in the comments section.
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