Where do I start?

It has been my experience that the most successful people owe their success to a certain level of obsession. One must be willing to follow a dream despite distractions to make it happen. This often means giving up other things to make the dream a reality. The question often becomes not whether or not it can be done, but whether one is willing to give up what is necessary to GET it done. Success always comes with costs. It is up to each individual to decide what they are willing to pay. This runs true no matter what the goal happens to be. Ultimately anything can be achieved if we are willing to pay the price. But sometimes the price is too much. Then we start running into the age-old question … do the ends justify the means? This also means if we do not manage to put enough commitment … what I am calling obsession … into achieving our goals, then we might never reach them.

What is my point? I know personally that I often don’t have that necessary level of obsession, that extreme commitment to something to see it through to completion. The primary reason for this may be that I have TOO MANY dreams; too many goals. And I can’t seem to pick one over others. Unfortunately such goals as “saving the world” kind of fall into this category, because really it is not one simple problem, therefore not one simple solution. What we have is many issues, many wounds that need healing, and all must be tended to before the illness is fully gone. The human world does not just need a spoonful of medicine, it needs full trauma treatment. This multitude of wounds might also be what intimidates so many from trying to make a difference. For where does one start? That is part  of the reason I am making this attempt at community. One man cannot take on a multitude alone. But many can do it together.

20130402-223057.jpgThe key is to single out our own priorities. Since we can’t fix everything all at once, we need to focus on one thing at a time. For each of us, this might be a different thing. Yet with enough people each focusing on their own little bit of healing, we will find that the major healing will begin. For humanity is plentiful, What one person can’t do, a hundred; a thousand; a million: CAN do. As I said though, like many, what is that one thing that I want to most focus on? For me maybe it is this project. An instigator of thought, a pusher of obsession. A motivator. Or maybe I place too much stress on my own ability and importance? But that is neither here or there. It dawned on me earlier today that there is a somewhat easy way to prioritize; to know what our heart wishes us to do.

Ask yourself one little question. And answer the question without thinking about it. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind. You might be surprised at your own answer, but it might also give you purpose. You might actually have a goal to shoot for if you truly want to help change the world for the better. Ask yourself … if you could change any one thing this moment with just a snap of the fingers, what would it be? Don’t think. Just answer with your heart. We all know that nothing worth doing will really happen in a snap of the fingers. But this answer may tell us what we think needs to be changed the most.

Now get up and start changing it.