Who trains who?

This blog may not actually specifically be about cats, but they sure do make life more entertaining. It is rather humorous how much the adventurous Squeak has the household running to meet his desires. I am up in my attic room, working on my blogs. Mom and dad are downstairs in the living room, sleeping in front of the television.

I have some relaxing and inspirational music playing while I figure out what I want to write next (which turns out to be this). Suddenly I hear a ringing sound. As if bells be chimed. Not unusual, but I ignore. The sound returns. I ignore again.

RIIIIIIIIIIING! This time with determination!


I finally respond. You see we have some chimes hanging on the front door nob. Of the three Ninja Cats, Squeak is the only one allowed outside now. And he wants to go out frequently. When the weather is nice, we may not see him for hours (on a rare occasion a day or two). But even in foul weather he wants to go out frequently … I guess to confirm the weather has not changed. Somewhere along the way Squeak realized that if he wants to go out, he need but ring the chimes and one of us will come running. Usually it only takes one or two rings. More was only because my parents were asleep and did not hear (though dad will likely not respond these days anyway). Through sheer force of will I managed to resist the Pavlovian urge for a whole THREE rings.

But not to worry. If I had failed to respond the third time be assured Squeak would have gone looking for someone. He will NOT be denied!

It is good to know our household is so well trained!