Who you gonna call …

As Halloween hides around the corner, what more appropriate than an anecdote about ghosts and goblins and such. As a tribute to Japser’s becoming a Ninja in Training, my sister (Jasper’s mom), shared this little anecdote of recent events:

Jasper Sees Spirits

Whine, whine, bark.

This strange noise has woken me several times over the past few weeks adding to an already troubled sleep pattern.

""Whine, whine, thump. The sound of Jasper, ears out at an angle that says, I’m scared there’s something there, as he then leaps up next to me, either on the bed or the couch practically shaking in fear.

If he could speak, he’d say, “Mommy, I’m skeered.”

""Sometimes he stares at a spot on the wall or the ceiling, sitting at alert or with ears pointing straight to the side. “There here!” He whispers in his scary dog voice.

Ghosts? Demons?

Or perhaps, as Sandi from Ahhsome suggested, “demonic mice!

Only time will tell. Jasper, ghost hunter extraordinaire or chicken in a dog costume? You decide.