Why I don’t play the lottery

I have recently been playing with my newest addiction, Words with Friends. Most likely if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or have a smart phone, you have at least encountered this game. It is basically Scrabble with some slightly modified rules.

And one crazy ass dictionary. I think the game randomly makes up words as aceptable just to mess with people!

""I can be said to have some slight skill with words, so I usually do fairly well at this game. Except that my luck gene is severely wanting. There is a reason I don’t play chance related games. My best guess for my luck with randomness is that my mind itself is so random that any useful order does not feel comfortable approaching me.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, take a recent game I was playing. My opponent is very skilled, often coming up with clever words that are well placed for points. The annoying thing is that frequently she has been able to use all of her tiles, while I am hard pressed to even form a word OFF the board! At one point, after she used all her tiles for some gazillion pointed word, I stared ruefully at my letters, thinking long and hard what I could do with D, E, E, E, E , A,  and I. Instead of getting the three to five points I would likely have gotten, I traded in three E’s. Only to get two I’s and an X.

Would you believe me that my letter selection actually started getting worse after that?

I am not one who really gets upset by losing. Especially when I lose to a better player. In my mind that is the best way to improve. But when supposedly random selections give your opponent ten letter words to work with (which is really impressive since we only have seven tiles), and I end up with a collection of nothing but vowels, It is enough to make a guy paranoid. I am thinking maybe I need to be making alphabet soup offerings to the gods and goddesses of literature!