Why should I put myself through that?


I can’t really answer that question for anyone except myself. I too am often skeptical about what doctors have to say. But I DO know from personal experience how much better I feel when I exercise regularly. I know how much more energy I have; how much more motivated to actually DO things I am. It is true that the media has misrepresented the so-called “perfect” body. The truth is the perfect body is the one that WE feel comfortable in; the one that we are proud to have earned; the one that makes US happy. If it does not meet other people’s expectations, that is THEIR problem. But if WE are unhappy looking in the mirror, or with how we feel, then that alone should be a good enough reason to change it … even if it takes a little pain and effort.

The other motivating factor for me is being simply able to do things that I like doing without feeling wasted afterwards. Whether it be going a good hike, or playing with kids in a pool. How much better is a life in which we can do the things we enjoy without struggling? I for one was sick of sitting on the sidelines, or trying for ten minutes and then being done for the day. Not only was I disappointed in myself, I was also missing out on the best parts of life.

So what is YOUR why? Do you need help fining it?