Yep. I am doing it again!

When I first started blogging, I never thought I would be a blogger. I did it out of sheer boredom and a desperate attempt for self validation. Who knew that 3+ years later I would not only have (or be involved in) 5 blogs, all of them on domains of their own now, and be here announcing the start of YET ANOTHER BLOG.

Yep. I am doing it again. For a change my tile actually makes sense! I never envisioned actually trying to use a blog for and income. It sounded like to much effort to me, and somehow demeaned blogging for me. But the truth is one cannot live on words alone, as I have distinctly proven over the last few years. I may not be a fan of capitalism, or working for that matter, but seeing as I live in a capitalistic world, I guess I have to at least PRETEND to play the game. Add to that my built-in NEED to help people achieve THEIR potential … and it seems this new project was gonna happen sooner or later.

It all starts with the body

As I prepare for my Hiking Adventure, several things need to happen. I need to be able to physically handle the demands of walking 2200 miles of mountainous terrain. I need the equipment to survive walking 2200 miles of mountainous terrain. And I need the money to pay for the equipment to survive walking 2200 miles of mountainous terrain. Apparently, wits. charm and good looks are not enough.

Are you done laughing yet?

I may have mentioned once or six times that I found a kick-ass, work your butt off (literally) workout and diet program that not only works fairly quickly, but I can stick with. As a matter of fact I liked it SO much that I decided to become a “fitness” coach, and directly promote it. Thus killing two birds with one stone. So not only will I be getting into amazing shape, I can maybe help others do the same … and even make some money doing it. Hence the newest “blog”.

Of course since nobody knows this blog exists now, advertising here is kind of a questionable choice, but every little bit helps. Please check out my new site, and frankly if you find anything of interest there, let me know. We can all always do more to improve our own health and well-being!