Yes you can. Yes I can. (Y. Because.)

In last year’s A to Z Challenge, I stalled out at X and though I intended to eventually write a Y and Z post, I never actually did. This year I fully intend to finish it, yet have been struggling for ideas for a while now, and had no clue what to do with Y (which was technically supposed to be Yesterday … Hmmm).

I was staring to wonder if I could do it.

Some of you may know that my dad has Alzheimer’s. This morning, my dad basically forgot how to walk down stairs, and I had to assist him. Things like this happen all the time. It is part of the process of the disease. But the truth of the matter is he does not always forget how to do things, often he just does not think he can. He can’t envision how to do it in his mind, therefore he does not think he can actually do it. But if he gets frustrated enough, or distracted by something else … suddenly he just does it.

This is an extreme example, but in essence he is actually doing something to himself many of us do on a regular basis. Often we find that if someone who we respect, or at least has some power over us tells us we can not do something, we simply believe them and find that we can’t.  When the someone who is telling us this happens to be ourselves … the belief is almost sure to become a reality.

How often have we not done something because we simply didn’t think we could? How often do we limit ourselves? I often say that nothing is impossible … the impossible just takes a little longer. And I honestly believe this. However the first step to achieving the “impossible” is to believe that “I can!”

Actually that is the first step to achieving anything.


The next time someone tells us that we can’t do something, don’t simply accept it on faith. Let’s make an attempt anyway. We will very likely surprise them … and ourself as well. And if the person saying this happens to BE our Self … well … remember who is talking. We are all our own worse enemies. Prove ourselves wrong.

That will show us!