Yipee ki-yay!

I write for many reasons. The most pleasurable is the power of creation that words hold. However, sometimes I write because I am being plagued by ideas that I can’t seem to get rid of in any other way. When this happens, writing is essentially a catharsis. The results are often somewhat dark or rant-ish. Considering how mad this world of ours is becoming, this seems to be the form my writing has taken most often recently … which kind of takes all the fun out of the process. I want to get back to the simple joy of creating, both for the mental health benefits and so I can maybe actually FINISH some of the writing projects I have started.

I was looking at this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups prompt with this motive in mind, and …

… drew a complete blank.

Determined, I put my thinking cap on, or … more correctly … took my thinking cap OFF, and slept on it. My subconscious kicked in, resulting in this bit of creative nonsense:

This week’s prompt:

…why does the world fight back when…

Arphixdimonk rubbed that space between the third and forth eye stalk that always collected stress. Why does the world fight back when Arphixdimonk just wants to help it? They always do. You’d think they would welcome the chance to explore the cosmos after being chained to a sun for a few billion years.

Folk think that preparing a planet for interstellar travel is as simple as equipping a powerful enough jump drive and some force fields. They don’t realize how set in their ways the average planet IS. The hardest part of planet wrangling is convincing the planet it WANTS to travel!

Arphixdimonk needed a vacation!