You are NOT alone! #idealist

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/12″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”10/12″][vc_custom_heading source=”post_title” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]It has been my experience that any idea that is truly beneficial to the many instead of the few will ultimately resurface multiple times, from multiple sources. The challenge for implementing these ideas often becomes not the value of the idea, but the lack of resources to make it happen … including the inability to connect with others who share the idea. This concept is actually one of the driving forces in the PAX Nation project. And as validation of the PAX Nation idea, it is not completely different, even if it might have a unique twist to it. Many other online organizations are working with similar ideas, some quite well.

As I mentioned in recent posts, I will not be focused on PAX Nation for six months or so as I explore the world a little. But I was recently invited to a new project that I felt compelled to share, because it is basically a more practical and actually viable model of that core part of the PAX Nation dream. So I hope to entice at least a few to get involved. has been around for years. They are effectively the of the Non-profit world. Just yesterday, they launched a new project, one more focused on producing action then just sharing information. The basic concept is to create localized groups of like-minded people to actively pursue whatever they find important for change in their community. What makes this idea really powerful and unique, is by becoming part of this project, the groups will be able to connect with both other groups with similar missions, and the resources to make their project viable and effective. It is meant to connect people with the ideas and resources to ACTIVELY pursue change together.

What’s more, the idea is to allow everyone involved to create the project together, right from the start. We all will have input on how things will work, as well as input on growing the community. This is kind of what was intended with PAX Nation, but the issue with PAX Nation is that we aimed to high to start with, and did not offer any actual practical means to DO things. Not to mention the lack of a dedicated staff to making the project work.

Idealist has all of these.

The core of this new community is going to be people who sign up as Connectors. They are just what they sound like, the driving force behind the unity of the project. Their purpose is to find the like-minded people and the necessary resources to make things happen, and put them all together. And to do this without imposing their own agendas on the project. The plan is to get several connectors together in a localized community (A Team), so that not only can things be done online, but face to face as well … thus increasing the odds of actual success, and adding a more cohesive unity to those working together … a family of sorts. The true power of this project is that it is international. Not only might we find an idea that has great power for positive change, we will also be able to share it around the world, and even celebrate its success, thus ensuring as many as possible can benefit from the idea.

In my mind, anybody involved in this project from the beginning is actively taking place in an internationally historic moment of note.

I have signed up to be a Connector in my home town. Unfortunately at the moment I am the only one, so it is kind of up to me to grow and expand a team. As many say, timing is everything, so that my pending hike of the Appalachian Trail (which starts in a couple of weeks), means I can’t really devote the energy to help this wonderful project flourish from the beginning, unless I can figure out a way to become a traveling Connector. But I CAN promote the project from the beginning, and I can support those who value it as much as possible in any way that IS available to me.

So for those of you who want to heal the world starting with your own community, sign up at the Connector Hub now. Become a leader in a ground breaking idea that has the potential to truly alter the direction of the future. And at the same time, expand your own family and learn the simple truth …


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