You are not stuck in traffic; You are traffic.

Since this has turned out to be one of the most popular posts on my blog, I feel it necessary to point out that it was not actually written by me, but by by good friend Pete of A Girl Called Pete. I Highly recommend you swing over and say hi!

Sometimes I sit and watch the traffic on the highway. The traffic ebbs and flows like the pumping on blood in the veins and arteries of the city. Mindless and yet not without purpose. The cars and trucks flood from the stop lights and across the intersections in intricate patterns; Delivering nutrients; removing waste.

 I watch the faces of the people in the passing cars. I wonder what they do; where they’re going. I wonder if they drive this way every day. Passing the same road sign with the same obscene graffiti every morning; shoulder to shoulder with all the other people in all the other cars; all doing the same thing. Just blood cells in the living city. Mindless.

Each of these people is probably interesting and quirky in their own way ; they all have stories to tell. Maybe that guy that looks like Bob Hope is a brilliant badminton player, maybe the lady with the poodle perm is a black belt in Taekwondo.  Yet still, here they are, repeating the same set of actions day by day because the city demands it. If one were to leave or die the city wouldn’t even notice. It’s just part of the growth and life of the city.

Day to night the city pulses. Traffic in. Traffic out. Traffic in. Traffic out. Like breathing. Sometimes I wonder if the city knows, or like a fungus does it just grow on the face of the earth unaware of its surroundings. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to the traffic if the city could hold its breath. I imagine the interstate backed up for miles and miles. All the pissed off people leaning on their horns. All the jobs not getting done. All the garbage building up in the street.

Really, though, all I want to do is find out how to make a city sneeze…

Brought to you by A Girl Called Pete