You can not kill an idea.

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This is possibly one of the most insightful videos I have seen in a long time. It also resonates with ideas I have often tried to express lately, basically saying it in a way that I have failed to accomplish. Thus I share it here, and add a few thoughts of my own that it helped inspire.

The simple truth beautifully expressed here can only be willfully denied. ALL of the issues humans have against other humans stem from our need to label, our need to separate the world into US and THEM. Why do we find this need so compelling? Why do we have to fit everyone each into their own little box, and then insist the box defines them? Again the answer really is a simple one.


We fear the unknown. We fear that which we do not understand. We fear that which pushes us against the walls of our OWN little box, that others placed us in and we willingly accept. We fear stepping outside the comfort zone.

We are a world governed by fear.

And those who would control, those who would manipulate others for their own personal gain, capitalize on this. Feeding the fear strengthens it. Fearful people are much easier to manipulate, especially if one gives them a way to feel protected. Give them armor to hide behind, weapons to fight with … and the fearful suddenly think they are strong. Then we can use this false hubris to spread the fear even further, dividing more and generating self-fulfilling prophesies of endless despair.

We seed these fears with ideas. And when the ideas become so firmly rooted that we no longer recognize them as ideas, we start blaming the holders of the ideas for all that is wrong with the world, and don’t even question the ideas themselves. We seem to think by eradicating anyone with an idea that does not work for us we eliminate the idea, and all will be well. But the ideas live on, and all the killing does is ensure others will latch on to the idea, if only because they don’t like OUR ideas.

The only true terrorists in the world are those who promote ideas that embrace death. This is not defined by any religion, or nationality, or “race”, or any other label we choose to place on another. This is defined by personal choice. If you believe that inciting fear in another is productive for humanity, and actually act on such beliefs, then in my mind you are a terrorist.

Which takes more courage? Which is a better expression of strength? Opening your arms to another, even thought they may be different, even though they may be a potential threat, or hiding from them behind thick walls and weapons of destruction, thus ensuring that common ground will never be found? Who is the weaker person, one who is willing to embrace someone for their differences, DESPITE fear, or those who let fear guide them, continuing the endless and unproductive cycle that it generates?

Don't let fear win ... break out, be the butterfly!
Don’t let fear win … break out, be the butterfly!

The ONLY way to end fear is understanding. And the ONLY path to understanding is an open mind and a willingness to learn. Weapons are not a tool of learning. Walls are not a tool of learning. Labels are not a tool of learning. Learning comes from opening our eyes, not closing them. Understanding only happens with a WILLINGNESS to understand. When we let fear rule, we are basically CHOOSING not to try to understand. When fear rules, we let others do our thinking for us.

End the fear. Learn. Think.

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