You gotta be kidding me!

Just when I think people are getting a clue, they go and get all silly again. This newest concept that has the American people screaming in outrage has me totally flummoxed. We live in a society where the public honestly believes that if one is in any way a celebrity, we are entitled to know absolutely EVERYTHING about their lives, yet we bitch and moan because now a computer might have information about our private phone calls. We act as if government surveillance of its own people is unheard of; as if it is a huge surprise that it actually happens. Get a clue people! There is not a single government out there that does not keep an eye on its own people in the name of “national security”. Not a one. I don’t care how enlightened a government is … espionage is a fundamental part of governments. So is keeping secrets. I am not justifying it. Not even saying I like it. But don’t sit here and tell me that you are so surprised that our so-called democracy is doing it now.

Wake up folks!!
Wake up folks!!

It is not proof of a step to fascism. It is not something to condemn recent administrations about. The simple fact of the matter is the only reason it has not happened sooner is the technology didn’t exist until recent years. Are you going to really tell me that if they had this capability in the McCarthy years, they wouldn’t have used it? Seriously people!

My understanding of the NSA … National Security Agency … is that their purpose is to monitor all communications to find threats to our nation. Since when can we assume no threats come from WITHIN the nation? I hate the fact that the NSA exists. I hate the fact that all governments thrive on distrust and secrets. But from what I can see, the NSA right now is one of the few government agencies that is actually doing the job they are supposed to do. We are sitting here bitching and moaning about the supposed invasion of our privacy, and calling a paranoid oath breaker a hero, meanwhile the supreme court is about to rule on a law that will allow the wealthy elite to have even more control over our “democratic” elections. Wake up people! Get off you high horse about potential abuses of power, and start worrying about the actual ones!

I for one am more concerned by the fact that a significant portion of the government is for sale; that money has more power than people in a supposed democracy; that the “free” press is owned and news has become propaganda  than that some agency might find out we have been misbehaving because we did not have the sense not to talk about it on the phone. As for the government having access to emails and other written content … um … where have you been the last few years. If it is on the internet … it is available to just about ANYONE with the knowhow. I would much rather my own government, who at least theoretically has my best interests in mind, have it than some complete stranger who most definitely does not.

If we are so concerned that our democracy is failing, and that we are heading towards fascism, then stop whining about it and start DOING something about it. Stop voting for politicians who only have their own personal agendas. Stop towing party lines and listening to unsupported propaganda without questioning. Stop worrying so much about our own pockets and comfort, and start reclaiming the power of the people actively. Bitching and moaning does nothing (even this rant is ultimately purposeless … unless it wakes a few people up). Complaining about how something is broken won’t fix it.

So how about we actually fix it now?