I wanna place a bet (ahem … make a pledge)

Money, money, MONEY!Check out the pledges already made

This is purely an honor based system. We will never see any of this money. But we would like to track it, and will post monthly how much was raised, by who and for what charities. So PLEASE honor your pledges, or we might end up looking like Idiots.

Oh wait!

(Not sure who to make a pledge for? There is always our current list of charities 🙂 )


  • To clarify, training miles is the combined total of the miles we each do individually to get in shape. Trail miles is the distance we travel together as we do the actual hike.
  • For tracking purposes, if you wish to make multiple types of pledges, please indicate the charity name for each type (even if it is the same charity).
  • Though pledge amounts are a required field, if you do not wish to make a specific type of pledge, leave the amount at 0.00.


Check out the pledges already made