" My body is not me, it is mine. My mind is not me, it is mine. My emotions are not me, they are mine. My spirit on the other hand …"

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What does it mean to be healthy? Some people define health by having a fit and functional body, and that is the end of it. For me health encompasses all aspects of what makes up this entity referred to as “ME”. When I am healthy, all those aspects are both working well in their own right and playing well together. When any aspect of ME is out of balance, then the whole system is off, and I am not fully healthy at that moment. Life is ultimately a constant struggle to maintain this balance, often with an emphasis on “struggle”. This blog is essentially an on and off diary of my personal struggle. Maybe others can find some value in what I share, even if only a bit of entertainment (I am sure my challenges will be downright laughable at times).

Some of my posts will focus on specific aspects of ME, others will be more general. Below you will see all posts to date. Seek out posts on more specific aspects by choosing Body, Mind, or Sprit to the left.

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