Changing directions

When I first started this blog, it was an after effect of getting myself into shape to hike the Appalachian Trail. I needed to get myself fit, and also figure out ways to fund the effort. I found the BeachBody products, which are definitely fitness oriented, and do provide the POTENTIAL for money. Unfortunately, to really make money at it, one has to basically become a sales person (though they do their best to convince you otherwise), and basically it really becomes another full-time job. I am not knocking it, it works well for many people. But anyone who knows me knows that is NOT who I am. I am not a capitalist, and really find little value in the mores of a capitalistic society. I find it extremely difficult to sell something I am willing to give away. So ultimately the “business” I created here went nowhere.

However I started my journey, thanks in part to these exercise programs and the motivation creating this site provided (even if the financial benefits never manifested). As often happens, the journey itself changed from what I originally envisioned. It has become more of a walk-about, focused on not just my physical health but my mental and spiritual health as well. It has become eye-opening for me. My ideals have not changed, nor my goal to help others. But my need to fit into a society I really don’t respect is diminishing. As a result, I have been remodeling my life … including the digital one. This project (and others I have started) is not ending, but it is changing. I am no longer considering this an attempt at revenue while helping others, Rather it is simply me sharing what I am learning along the way to maybe help others in THEIR journeys. I have other blogs devoted to my creative side and my beliefs. This one is here simply to help myself and others create a healthier life. So I still offer my services to any who might desire it, as a resource for information, a motivator, or simply a friend. I ask for nothing in return other than you take enough from what I share to create a happier and healthier YOU, to be the best YOU you can be.

This has become an aspect of a redefined purpose, falling under the title Taochild Inc. I know this is definitely a business sounding name, and in a way it is because capitalist or no, we live in a capitalist system so survival requires some sort of income. But the reality is is is just a new life model for myself, pulling all the pieces of my past together to create the me I want to be. In the process, I hope to help others find their own paths along the way. This is my reintroduction, complete with a new logo:

I hope to share useful information about health topics, including exercise, diet, and techniques for improving emotional and spiritual health. I am not claiming any sort of expertise, just sharing what I am learning in my own journey for self improvement. So welcome back to those who have been here before, and nice to have you for any new visitors. As always, feedback is quite welcome!