A bunch of questions …


Who am I? Who are we?

Am I who I was yesterday? For that matter, was I who I was yesterday, yesterday?

Are you a monster? Am I a monster? What is a monster anyway?

What is important? Is anything important actually important?

Am I mad? Are “they” mad? Are we all mad? Is anyone mad?

What is “normal”? Why is “normal”? Is “normal” even normal? Or necessary?

How did it all begin? Did it all begin? Does it actually matter?

What am I doing now? Am I doing now? Should I being doing now? What is “doing”?

What is right? What is wrong? If my right is your wrong, who is right? And who is wrong?

What conditions do you place on unconditional love?

Do we change by staying the same? Or does constancy require change?

Do we have ideas? Or do ideas simply visit us? Can we own an idea. Can we own anything? What is “owning”?

How high do we need to count before we hit zero?

How much closer can we get before we are completely separated?

When all is said and done, is anything actually said … or done?