A few life hacks …

How to make the most of a trying life …

  • It never (rarely?) hurts to ask.
  • If the answer is no … ask again.
  • If the answer is still no … see previous tip.
  • When all else fails, look cute.
  • If the answer is still no, go to sleep.
  • If you are hungry, it is time to eat. See first tip.
  • If you have to go, you have to go. See first tip.
  • When you are not eating, pooping or sleeping … PLAY!
  • NOTHING is so urgent that you can’t stop and smell the flowers (and the air, and the grass, and the tree, and the sidewalk, and the fire hydrant, and the … just smell anything worth smelling)!

It does not take much to live a happy life. Hopefully these tips will help those who have not gotten it yet.