Around the Fire

Can you feel the pull?

My sister is creating a magical being capable of revealing how our stories intertwine. The Storyteller invites all to sit around the campfire; to join her in entering the realm of possibility.

Not only does this open my soul’s eyes to future possibilities, but it is bringing back past stories as well. All stories are part of the whole.

So I am combining some pictures from my past with a poem written long ago, and joining my sister around the campfire to share something new. Enjoy!


The night gracefully fills the void left by the retiring day.
Fairies begin a chaotically patterned dance of glee.
The scions of imagination are carried by a gentle breeze towards a distant world.
A soul tries to follow hampered only by the chains of mortality.
A question hangs in the air seeking attention.
With the answer, one journey will end and another will begin.