#atozchallenge: Behold the Benefits of Blogging Buddies

efore I started blogging, I used to think of bloggers as self-important folk who think that the world needs to hear what they have to say and had too much time on their hands. It dawned on me that those words described ME perfectly so what was I waiting for? At first I just posted a bunch of things I had already written throughout my life, thinking that no doubt once someone got a look at my genius word would spread and I would be famous.

I am pretty sure that some three years later most of these posts have never been read.

What I did discover though was a whole world. A world that I have not actually encountered in the “real” world for quite a long time. Blogging is fundamentally about COMMUNITY, something that I feel is very lacking in this modern-day world. It is about finding those who we can relate to; about being able to share parts of ourselves that might leave us vulnerable, yet still being able to feel safe. It is finding the family that you did not even know was missing.

In short, blogging good.

The best part though is finding powerful connections with people who I would never have encountered if I had not explored this vast and crazy virtual world.  People who inspire; people who make us laugh when we are down  or maybe take us down a peg or two when we are floating too high. People who know the value floatingof dreams and thus will gladly support you as you pursue your own. For the longest time I have been adrift in an endless sea with no land in sight. By blogging, I have not only managed to keep afloat, but learned to appreciate the floating in ways I would never have before. And by joining this community, I know which way lies land, and even have managed to come up with the occasional plan to be grounded again. Granted none of them has really got me anywhere yet, but it will happen eventually. As long as I don’t give up.

This is mostly the result of the friends I have made, and the inspiration they all exude like a sumo wrestler man in a sauna. Maybe not the prettiest image, but you get my meaning. I actually have goals again since I started blogging, even if I approach them with the speed of a napping tortoise. The newest … a plan with my Blogging Brother (Return of The Idiot Speaketh (Idiot 2.0)). It is … something I am not going to tell you right now because we are not quite ready to reveal it to the whole world. But it could happen any time now. Suffice to say it involves great adventure, muscle clad Adonis’s, sweat, blood, tears, a whole lot of laughter, and will probably shake a world or three.

Brace yourselves!