#atozchallenge: Dreams, Dastardly Deeds, and Donuts

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So far, my posts seem to be randomly purposeful. I am on a theme of sorts but am kind of just going with the flow, with no real design to my writing. Not that anyone who knows me would be in any way surprised. Sometimes my best stuff seems to come out by accident. Or maybe I am just the tool for the words.

I have recently (about two days ago) made a new commitment to myself, life, the future, a friend or two, and a gaggle of random strangers. Yesterday’s post is a large part of that commitment, but in some ways it goes beyond that. In the past couple of years, have used every excuse in the book, and possible a few that got edited out of the book, do NOT actually live the life I keep waxing poetic about. Every once in a while I poke fun at myself about this, and even occasionally write some uplifting, seemingly inspiring bit o’ nonsense that says how I am going to change things. And then don’t follow through.

That is a pretty Dastardly Deed. Indeed.

So what is different this time? Basically instead of just writing about plans, I have actually taken steps to make them happen. I have started replacing mere words with action, and then involved others in my actions to keep me being a good boy. Words of “wisdom” are meaningless if they are not acted upon.

Frist commitment … cut down on the donuts. This is really a metaphor; technically I really don’t eat donuts all that often. But beyond the obvious meaning … eating better and losing weight … I am also referring to donuts of the mind and soul as well. Like Facebook and other social media. Pure junk food for the mind. Addictive, adds weight to our drama glands, and ultimately is full of empty calories. That and all the soul donuts out there: politics, media, advertising, entertainment … again full of yummy empty calories but ultimately just weighing down our souls.

It all must go!

That is my new commitment. And I have started well so far.

As for Dreams … well that is really what this commitment is. Following dreams again. But more specifically you might want to check out THIS WEIRD DREAM.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]