#atozchallenge: Kangaroos, Kites, Koalas, and Kraft

I got sidetracked the last couple of days, so am a tad late with K and L. But here I am, with a random word suggested by my creative niece for the K post. We are going to write this one together. Don’t know what me might come up with. Brace yourselves!

Let us tell you the tale of Kyle the Kangaroo.

Kyle likes to fly Kites. As you might imagine, Kite flying Kangaroos is Kind of Kooky.

But when Kyle sees a Kite, he always says, “Killer!” and wants to fly it right away.

It is even Kookier for a Kite flying Kangaroo to say, “Killer!”

Kooky, Kite flying Kyle the Kangaroo who often says, “Killer!” also likes Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

It so happens that Kooky, “Killer!” saying, Kraft loving, Kite flying Kyle the  Kangaroo’s best friend Kristy the Koala, also likes Kraft.

Sadly the Kraft loving Koala, Kristy, and Kyle the Kite flying Kangaroo, could not often eat Kraft together, having Kooky fun and saying “Killer!” to each other.

That is, until the Kramer family adopted them.

Now Kyle the Kangaroo, and Kristy the Koala, live with the Kramer family, eating Kraft, and having Kooky fun flying Kites.



*This Kooky tale about Kite flying Kraft eating Kyle the Kangaroo, and his friend Kristy the Koala, who also like Kraft, who live with the Kramers, was brought to you by Steve Kramer, and his niece Sarah Kramer Lee.