#atozchallenge: Zombie Apocalypse

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have been involved in the A to Z Challenge for three years now, and don’t think I have actually successfully finished it yet. I am finally doing my Z post, only a week late. Oh well. I never was known for living according to schedules. But in the spirit of my Z post, I am going to blame it on Zombies.

We seem to have run out of scheduled apocalypses for the moment, unless we count the pending zombie apocalypse that seems to be the new wave of entertainment (again). Zombies have become the new vampire even! But I contend that once again we have missed all the apocalyptic fun, because the zombie apocalypse has already taken place. We are surrounded by the buggers, and they munch on our brains on a regular basis. They just have mastered the art of camouflage, a little fact missed by all the mythology. We call them by all sorts of names, not even realizing that they are actually zombies. For example: corporations, politicians, insurance companies, wall street, media.

Think about it. What is a zombie? I soulless monster intent on feeding on the living, with a taste for mushing brains. Replace zombie with any of the words above, and the definition holds! Sorry folks. It’s too late. The zombies have already taken over. There is no fighting it.

Kind of takes all the fun out of the future, knowing the world has gone and ended without us even noticing it. Ah well, maybe next time around.