There is a chasm. It is bottomless, endless and very broad. Crossing it is a Great Bridge. On one side of the chasm: bright white Light and clarity. The other side: Darkness, shadow, obscuring mists.

I am Legion. I thrive in The Darkness. The shadow hides me; to me the mists cling. Yet I am drawn to The Light. I thirst for it with an unquenchable thirst. I hunger for it with the hunger of the void. And yet I dare not enter it, for I will be consumed by it. Even if I choose to make the attempt, the way is blocked. For The Bridge is guarded.

I am The Divine Warrior, Guardian of The Bridge. My eternal duty is to keep the passage open to those who wish to join The Light. It is also my duty to prevent those who would attempt to consume The Light from crossing The Bridge. My enemy is Legion.

I am The Divine Watcher. I am part of The Light. I see Legion, no matter how much it tries to hide. I feel its hunger. I watch The Guardian of The Bridge, and honor his steadfastness and courage. I welcome those who would come to join me. I am awareness itself.

I am the passionate longing of Legion.
I am the lonely strength of The Divine Warrior.
I am the compassion of The Divine Watcher.

I am all of these. I am nothing. All is as it should be. Balance is maintained.