Cat tales

I seem to finally have slipped back into creative mode. Especially in the last few days. First I had my recent video creation, and then I came up with my creative way of exercising for my upcoming adventure. It seems only appropriate to keep that creative mojo going, and return to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups again … since once more I have not been there in a while. The prompt this week:

….on the cat walk…

I can work with that! As a matter of fact I just did! Maybe not a work of art, but not everything is. At least I have my creative juices flowing again! Hope people enjoy a bit …


Tell us what happened here!” Robert said sternly.

Huddled down in the wreckage of the camp, Mobutu looked shaken. He said with fear, “It come,” Robert offered his hand, and Mobutu hesitantly took it, raising shakily to his feet. He continued, the fear still evident, “Demon cat come, and take stone.”

“What about the guards?” Robert almost shouted.

Mobutu looked ashamed as he said, “Cat just look, and guards freeze. On the cat walk, and … stone gone.”

With an exasperated sigh, Robert looked toward Gray. The old man shrugged. “Obviously an enchantment was involved.”

“What NOW?” Robert grumbled disgustedly.