Demon swarm

I know I have been waxing pathetic recently about my various moral, philosophical, and general life dilemmas. When I have posted anything at all. It dawned on me though that as a result of my silly meanderings I have neglected an important blogly duty. I nearly missed this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups!! There is absolutely no excuse for such blasphemy!!

The challenge this week was to write an article attached to the headline:

There’s a real buzz about this place.

I will have to admit ideas were not jumping out at me when I saw this, partly because of my current obsession for being the moody artist. Fortunately my moody artist stage has me meandering through memories, specifically the many canoe trips I took in summers past … trips that helped actually shape my creative spirit. One particularly buggy summer came to mind, with a memory mixed with humor and fear. It seemed a good memory to create from. So here is my article … loosely based on real events:

Black flies are always a menace. They are small and fast and leave a mean bite. But no one ever suspected they would be able to carry away a whole boy scout troupe. Witnesses were still shaking as they related seeing the troupe for the last time:

“We had been sharing the river with those boys for days!” one witness reported, “But the flies were so bad we could not go on. Yet those brave lads just kept going, not even flinching as they continued forward. We never saw them again!”

Rescue efforts continue but hope is not high.