Domestic disturbance

I have to learn not to be so contrary. I seem to always do thinks backwards or the hard way. For instance, I often look for the twist in prompts for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. When something seems somber I try for light-hearted (usually anyway) and such. This time we are expressly offered light-hearted and I draw a blank. Makes me want to laugh! Ironically as you will see.

This weeks prompt: …I really tried not to laugh …..

Here’s my attempt:

She looked me seriously in the eye and said, “You promise not to laugh?”

With equal solemnity I answered, “Of course not! This is important to you!” So she told me.


I brushed my chin with my hand to hide the smile that was struggling to form. “What do you think?” she asked intently, a little frown between her eyes.

There was a bit o’ clenching going on in the belly region. I converted the threatening guffaw to a cough. “Well?” she insisted.

I could not resist any longer …

I really tried not to laugh but …

The couch was a bit cold tonight.