Enemy of the state

I hate to say it folks, but it seems I have become persona non grata in these parts.

Yep, I dared to do a dastardly deed. I went and put a link directly from the Thou Shall Not Mention Ever list of WP Land, and the blogging Nazis found me out. Their pet computer found it, and with barely a blink killed one of my blogs (the first and the one I consider my primary), without even a warning shot. I am now officially on the outs with them, and am fleeing to other lands to pursue my evil without their interference.

For those of you who actually enjoy my creations, and don’t fear being associated with a known criminal, these are the links to all of my blogs:

I know, that’s a lot o’ blogs, but it keeps my criminal mind off the streets. Keep in mind they are still under development so might not be as pretty or complete as they appear now. Please stop on by, and for the really brave, sign up again. I figure with only about 5 or so “devout” followers, it should not be all that hard to keep my groupies with me. If you choose not to … no hard feelings. I will keep my howling and whimpering to a minimum.

See you all on the flip side!]