Growing family

Once upon a time I was me. Then for a while I stopped being me and started being another me. Now the second me was not a happy me and wished he could return to being the first me. After a while me two kind of forgot who me one was, and things really started getting confusing. Days started blending and me could barely figure out when he was. It was a dark time for me. Recently me whacked myself repeatedly with hard objects and took some good drugs, and it now seems the original me is back. Unfortunately there are still aspects of me two hanging around, such as not having any clue when I am.

Fortunately the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups still comes out on Mondays, so it seems today is, in fact, a Monday. So time to get the noggin working again!

Today’s prompt:

… would seven prove to be too much? …..

Here goes …

First there was ONE.
ONE got lonely very quickly.
Then TWO appeared. ONE and TWO hit it off immediately.
Sadly they soon ran out of things to do together.
Fortunately THREE showed up. Things started getting interesting again.
But THREE often felt like … well … a third wheel.
FOUR showed up and things started getting interesting again.
Yet it quickly seemed to turn into TWO again.
Then FIVE snuck in … and the drama began!
Things got a little out of hand.
SIX appeared to save the day!
Suddenly life was fun again. No drama! Never a dull moment!
Until SEVEN arrived.
Would SEVEN prove to be too much?