Gumming up the gears

I seem to be hitting another milestone in my journey into blogdom. This is apparently my 300th post on my first blog (this one). As with all the other milestones that I have hit, I once again have no great prize-winning thought to post about. Actually I don’t have any kind of thoughts at all. In my recent struggle with “why bother?”, my thought engine seems to have stalled out again. I have tried all the standard fix the engine techniques. You know, opening the hood and staring  like I know what is going on, occasionally fiddling with this and that saying “Hmmmm”  as if I can actually fix anything. I even tried whacking a few parts with a wrench. But no …  the thought engine cranks for a bit … then stalls out again.

One of the issues with too much introspection (as I probably have mentioned before) is that you run the risk of getting lost in your own head. No wonder my thought engine went and stalled. Most likely as I tripped around my own skull I went and gummed up some gears or clogged some valve or something.

Anybody know a good mechanic?

Some pics for your enjoyment