Heinous crime!

Having a bitter taste in my mouth for the last few days as I help my mom deal with the evil that is the American healthcare system, I find the need to switch flavors. I need me some sweet. Once again the obviously prophetic Julia of 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups fame (no doubt she is famous elsewhere as well) has just the prompt needed, namely the picture below.


So without further ado (or possibly any ado whatsoever), here is my creation:

The family gathering was going smoothly when the scream was heard from the kitchen. All immediately ran there, to encounter mom on the floor. At first no one said anything, but a more intense look and panic set in! Fortunately, Tom was a level headed fellow, and he quickly settled everyone down. “Who has done this?” he said thickly, looking at his fellow family members. Barring a few looks of guilt, nobody took the blame. “We must find the culprit!” Tom added, reaching for the phone, choking back tears. “Hello police? Somebody …  gasp … somebody … ate most of the chocolate!!!”