I am sifting through the detritus of a life not my own. And it makes me wonder…

How do we define ourselves?

Are we defined by the name written on a document at our birth?

Or maybe by the grades we receive in school?

Maybe it’s the number that “proves” we are a “citizen”. Or the one that says we can drive. Or could it be the one on the piece of plastic that says we can buy things?

Or maybe it is by the pleas of everyone to rid of our the energy we collect in the form of money?

Or could it be the things we “own”?

It seems at least in our societies eyes these things are what define the person.

Does anyone else find this sad?

I make a commitment in words to create myself. Not by labels and things. But by the actions I take. And the choices I make.

What would the world be like if everyone made such a commitment?