Keeping on track.

Clarity of vision can be affected by many factors. Physical limitations of the eyes. The amount of light available. Are there any things around that might block vision? Obviously it is much easier to see far in an open field on a clear sunny day than it is to see in a dark room filled with steam. Thus how well we see anything can alter from moment to moment.

20130208-161247.jpgThis fundamental truth applies to vision of the heart and soul as well. We have dreams and plans, visions of a new tomorrow, or an ideal we hope to aim for. Sometimes the visions are very clear, and we know right where we are headed. But other times, whether from weakness of the vessel or some obscuring factor, we lose sight of what we are aiming for. So what do we do when the vision of our heart and soul gets obscured. It’s not like we can go to a doctor and get a prescription for “soul glasses”. What do we do when we can know longer see clearly on this level? When the eyes are blocked, we have tools to aid them. Weak eyes … glasses. Too dark … light. Obstructions … patience and the ability to move.

The truth is we have similar tools for when our hearts vision is impeded. Patience being the primary one. If our heart is not strong enough to clearly see the vision, there are solutions. No we can’t get some sort of glasses. But we can strengthen it. And the best way is to find others who share the same vision. When we lose sight, we can have others help us find it again. That is the beauty of community. The key is to not give up simply because our vision has been obscured. Even when we lose the use of our eyes, there are other ways to see. The heart; the soul has an advantage there though. We can never lose the use of either until we move on. While there is life there is always hope. So loss of vision can be overcome, as long as we don’t give up on ourselves.

Community is the way. Helping each other. When one loses sight there will always be another to keep the vision clear. The world is a large place, and nobody can take it all in alone. Only together can we truly see. Only together can all obstacles be surpassed. Only together.