Leap year magic

Today is that most unusual of days. A day that actually does not exist … most of the time. Now there is nothing more magical than something that only exists on occasion. It has a mystical quality about it. Like rainbows.

Because of this, I wanted to write a special, magical post. And as almost always happens when I actually set to my writing with a plan of “greatness” … I drew a complete blank. I sat and stared at the computer, thought hard and … had absolutely nothing. Well as many will know my belief is that the best way to find something is to stop actually looking for it, so instead of wracking my brains and torturing myself, I set about doing something else.

And … drumroll please! …

It did not work this time.

Ironically, now that I am again giving up on me writing a post for the ages … a post filled with magic that will bring joy as well as tears … a post that will forever be remembered as THE Leap Year post, I  might actually have something to write about.

Go figure.

Lately  it seems if I just sit and start typing, I manage to come up with something halfway readable and even on occasion actually pretty good. So in the spirit of the magic I was wanting to create, I have put away my delusion of actually being a magician, and maybe the magic will manifest itself.

At least I hope so.

And with that last sentence a thought …

What is hope? Hope is:

  • finding the candle in the dark
  • smiling through the tears
  • thirty years when the experts say six months
  • putting the gun away
  • keeping the foot
  • getting out of bed every morning
  • the sun rising tomorrow

This is a totally random list based on my own experiences as well as some experiences of the many amazing people I have crossed paths with in my life. The list could go on forever, because hope is eternal. Hope is keeping the door open to possibility. It is remembering that the pain ends even as you scream in agony.

Hope is what makes it possible to go on when everything is determined to tell us that it we cannot.

Hope is ever-present, yet sometimes it seems like it doesn’t exist. Kind of like rainbows. And leap years. Seems that by allowing it to happen, a little magic showed itself after all … a simple reminder that there is always hope. Even when sometimes it seems not to be the case.

Amazing magic indeed!