Me just being ME (so she can be SHE)

It may seem odd, but one of the questions I find the toughest to answer is when I am asked, “What do you do for a living?” Even back in the days when I had something resembling a traditional working life, I never quite knew how to answer that question. As far as I am concerned, what I do for work and what I to do to live are really two separate questions. My answers usually depends on my level of irreverence at the time I am asked … and usually make people say “Huh?”  For instance, if asked that particular question at this moment in time, my answer might be: “Observe”.

The simples answer, though, would be that I live for a living. I often try to make that more complicated for myself, by searching for meaning in  my actions, or worse yet … purpose, but that just makes the answer messier, specifically for me. I basically do my best living when I don’t try to figure out WHAT or WHY I am doing it … and simply do it.

I feel a mass “Huh?” building.

Recently, I have been dealing with that whole self torturing WHY and WHAT, resulting in the usual absolute confusion, lack of sleep, and strong desire for beverages that nobody in their right mind would actually even look at let alone drink. But somewhere along the way … and I am not exactly clear WHEN or HOW it actually happened … I had a moment of almost painful clarity (one long overdue in my mind). In this moment of blinding clarity, it once again dawned on me that the WHO I am is ME, the WHY I am is BECAUSE, and my purpose in life is simply to be ME … BECAUSE. The main difference between remembering it this time and the countless OTHER times is that this time it stuck.

Now that I have finally truly accepted the ME who is ME, and understand my mission in life is to BE ME … BECAUSE, it is making my life so much easier. No more waffling over whether I should be the ME that is, or the ME that I THINK that is, or worse yet, the ME that I think OTHERS think I should be … I just go with being ME. And all is well with the world (or at least my minute part of it).

Now that everything is clear (at least to ME haha), it is time to be ME a bit. One of the things that makes me ME is I DO for people. I help people be the best THEM THEY can be. WHY? Because I can. So I am going to be the meist ME I can be right now by helping a she be the ultimate best SHE she can be. Not that SHE needs my help because she is a pretty awesome SHE all by herself. I’m just adding a little promotion for her so everyone else can realize how awesome a she SHE is.

Because I can.

Turn the speakers on. Listen. Enjoy. Be awed. And share!

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