Occupy Life (and Thanksgiving too)!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my brain has taken a vacation. I thought this would be a good opportunity to write something straight from the soul. After all the brain is not there to interfere. But when I sat down to write it I found that my brain, maybe a bit concerned I will find I don’t actually need it, left some traps and obstacles behind, blocking my soul from the keyboard. Such a shifty brain!

So in a bid for inspiration (and because I have once again been neglecting my bloggly duties) I started browsing other blogs. There are a few that I usually go to, because they are brilliant, fill me with joy and sorrow as appropriate, and they  get me to think. Not to mention in a few cases I have developed and actual friendship with the person “behind the curtain.” This does not mean that I am not fascinated by many another blog, just that I have a limited attention span.

And as almost always happens when I do this, a spark was ignited. Now let me see if I can fan it into flames.

Humanity is capable of great evil. Humans are a selfish lot, guided by greed. Humans are filled with distrust, hatred, self-importance and a whole slew of other less desirable characteristics. If you don’t believe me, just watch the news. Or go shopping for christmas gifts. The really sad thing is that they are this way by choice.

For there is a flip side. Nothing exists without its opposite. Humans are also capable of great nobility. Humans constantly create beauty. They are capable of great acts of charity. Humans are filled with love, trust, friendship and a whole slew of truly desirable traits. The really wonderful thing is that they are this way by choice.

If you don’t believe me visit here. Or here. Or here. Or how about here. Maybe try here too. These are just a few of the blogs the fill me with hope for humanity. There are more on my sidebar, and oh so many more that I cannot possibly list them all. You can find many by just visiting the blogs I AM pointing too.

I am not saying that bloggers are the only people capable of showing the glorious side of humanity. Rather that these and the thousands of others like them exemplify it. These are humans who, like all other humans, have their dark sides. They have their trials and tribulations; their reasons to hate and mistrust. They too can be tempted by greed. But instead they CHOOSE to make the best of their lives. Sometimes they choose to explore the dark side, but to illustrate; to learn; to heal. They choose to not let the difficulties often inherent in life to occupy their souls and bring out the worst in them. Instead they choose to OCCUPY LIFE itself. To make the most of what life has to offer.

The title itself was inspired by another blogger, one who is also brilliant and funny, though I have spent entirely too little time on her blog. She was specifically starting an Occupy Thanksgiving “Movement” for the week, which I thought was a great idea. And helped inspire this little (or maybe not so little now) ramble.

So thank you all for being you. Thank you for reminding everyone that humans can be amazing too, if they just choose to be.