Pull yourself together

The last month has reminded me to create for the sake of creating. Experience has told me that this is really the only reason to create. We can put all sorts of noble causes on why we make things, but those are just how we justify for ourselves the energy that may be involved. I find that the universe is basically a grand struggle between creation and destruction. Some might call it good vs. evil, or chaos vs. law; however one views it, this is existence boiled down to its bare minimum. We all have a choice on which side of the struggle we prefer to fall on … with all of us usually ending up somewhere in the middle. While I work hard to avoid the destructiveness in my nature, I have also in recent months avoided my creative side. This needs to change … for my peace of mind, and more importantly … for my reason to be. So I am again focusing on creating in any form that I am able. My creations may have no more value than a bit of entertainment or pleasure ( if even that), but the simple fact of creating means I shift more towards what I consider the positive side of choice. In my mind, the more we choose to create instead of destroy, the better our future will be. Thus I am once again choosing to create, for the sake of creation.

My newest creation is the below animation, inspired by a clever little 3D puzzle my sister bought me in Thailand. Above is the actual puzzle, along side my digital rendition of it. I have much to learn in this new art form I am dabbling in (and always will), but I seem to be doing a fair job with my current skill level.