We all have our Holy Grail. Some of us may even have more than one. What it is may be different for each of us, and some may not even be aware that they are seeking one … but we all have one. My personal Holy Grail has many different names, but no matter what I may call it … it is equally elusive. One of the most common labels it falls under as I quest for it is ‘Change’. Ironically, change is part of everything. It is inherent in the very definition of time, yet I somehow seem to be unable to grasp the Grail when it masquerades as this word. As with most talismans we give great power to, the harder I try to find it, the harder it is to find.

Yet I keep questing for the Grail. Maybe it is shear stubbornness. Maybe it is because of another label it goes by for me …


Which brings us to this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

…would this be the day when life changed…

It was dark. Oh so dark.

As it always was.

The persistent question surfaced again, as it always did. He asked it out loud. It echoed off into the darkness, repeating endlessly, fading into the realm of the unheard. He didn’t expect an answer. He never did.

But this time …

Did the echo change? Or did someone answer?

He vocalized again. “Would this be the day when life changed?” The echoes rang again, then subtly shifted. An answer, barely heard at first, but growing stronger and stronger.

“Yes. Every day is.”

With that, he opened his eyes at last.