The Divine Feminine

Is it any wonder that many are unable to accept differences in other cultures, when we cannot even manage to any level of equality within our own? Forgetting differences in appearance, or belief systems, or maybe based on location, humanity in general still has not even managed to accept the concept that male and female can exist on the same plane. How do we ever expect to grow as a species if we cannot even manage this simple truth?

Man and woman are not the same. There is no denying that. But the concept that man is somehow more deserving than women; somehow better than women; and worse yet somehow more necessary than women for a healthy society is not only ludicrous, but demonstrably wrong. Society as we know it would not even exist if not for the contributions of women, both in a technical and moral sense. Beyond the fact that be fruitful and multiply would be impossible without their participation, if men were the one raising children … well lets just say a lot fewer children would manage to survive. Life; growth; health … none of this would even exist without the nurturing nature of women. As “civilization” developed, while men were off trying to “protect their homes”, or maybe “fight evil”, who was actually staying home and making sure that “home” was actually there when and if the men managed to make it back. While men were off trying to see who had the biggest “sword”, the woman were providing for their children, doing all the work that the men could not be bothered with, and basically ensuring that the culture managed to survive the lack of the “stronger” sex. So tell me again why men are so much better; so more deserving of things than women?

The truth is once upon a time, matriarchal societies were common, if not the norm. Men not only respected women, but actually often revered them. It took the manipulations of misogynistic “moral” leaders to turn this concept around. Combined with the women themselves allowing it to happen. And then a couple thousand years of this kind of backwards propaganda and it became ingrained in our very nature. It is not until very recently in human history that we began questioning this principle, and even then it is oh so slowly. A nation that considers itself the forefront of social evolution still can barely grasp the concept that woman are not only very powerful in their own right, but necessary to human survival. Why? My opinion … simple fear and hormones. Men are very touchy when their own sense of power is threatened by another man, it is even more unendurable when the threat comes from the “weaker” sex. It is not only time that women remember their own power; their own strength, but also time for men to recognize that strength of muscle is not always the strongest position. We have proven time and again that constant attack, constant strife is getting society nowhere. Maybe it is time we recognize that nurture and caring; that working for LIFE instead of DEATH, is actually a more productive route.

There are many ways to do this. The simplest is just to change our attitudes, and THINK. But until awareness as a whole finally actually arrives, there are organizations devoted to changing this basic imbalance in the world. Take a wander over to and show your support by casting your vote. Let’s all finally acknowledge that HUMAN is HUMAN, and worth is defined by actions. Not by sex. Not by ethnicity. Not by ideology. Simply by the choice to DO what is plainly right.