The only thing more powerful than words …

I am a lover of language. Words are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Just think about it. We are able to express the wonders and beauty of creation with simple sounds and images. And to be honest, I think the fact that there are so many different languages … different ways to express often similar ideas, is actually a further testament to the power of the human mind. For it is the differences in us that truly express the immeasurable potential of the human mind and spirit.

Words have great power, depending on how they are used. They have the power to heal; to bring us together; to share ideas and make them grow. That said, they also have the power to hurt; to tear people apart and create great dissension … even as far as war. Yes, words have great power. But words also have their limits. As much as great words can inspire faith as well as create separation, they cannot really do it alone. Words ultimately just plant the seeds … it takes action to make the seeds grow. Action is a language all its own. In some ways, action expresses ideas even better than any words can. Words create an image. Action makes the image real. Words create an ideal … action enacts the ideal.


I often hear, or read, words of how fed up many people are with the direction humanity is heading. Many (including myself) have great words telling us of what is wrong, and sometimes even making suggestions of how we could change things. But it seems to me, often these wonderful words never make it beyond words. We may get to the point that the words are widely spread, or maybe even shouted so loudly that they are sure to be heard. But unless action is a direct result … ultimately these words fade into history, or become the a simple echo that eventually fades away. We all need to stop just talking about change, and start living it.

I am as guilty of the next person of stopping with just words. It is much my duty to act on any ideas as to have them. This project I am attempting is one way I am converting words into action, and hopefully it will allow others to do so as well. But whether or not my actions actually generate change … action is what is needed. The best and most powerful action being those that are done together. So if you desire change; if you see that something is not right, don’t just point it out. Don’t just have ideas about how to change it. DO something about it. Join me or not, that is a simple choice. But whatever choice you make, makes sure it is not just to think, but also to do.