The view from outside

One of the beauties of the blogging world is it is a world were we can challenge each other to greatness, while at the same time unite in creating this greatness. We inspire each other, and as a result the world improves one word at a time.

The 100 Word Challenge for Adults is a perfect example of this phenomenon in action. The challenges offered always inspire that greatest of all forces … the power of creation … and in the process form bonds of sharing and unity for those who partake.

This week’s challenge even takes it a step further and actually invites us to create something together. The prompt is … The season …, and the challenge is to write 50 out of the 100 words, so that next week someone ELSE can finish what was started. Now I have to admit the challenges are getting more challenging every week, and this one definitely gave me pause again. But my odd and playful mind seems to temporarily have come back from its recent vacation, and came bearing gifts … sort of. So here is the whacked spawn of my rested(?) mind. Hope some enjoy and are even inspired to have a bit of fun on their own!

Stna Klrs had been observing the planet since “February”. “Humans” showed an unusual level of violence for a species with such potential. Oddly, in the season of scarcity, all seemed calm, aggression replaced with … well … joy. He slipped into his red space suite. Time to investigate in person!