Trail Wisdom, Part 2

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Everyone has a story to tell. This is a fundamental truth.

Every story is unique and filled with wonder … for those with open eyes. But oh so many pick and choose what parts of their own story they see, often to their own loss. The modern world is teaching us the fine art of envy. We seem to only find value in the stories of others, masking or even rewriting our own.

What a loss to our world of wonder this could be.

Many don’t notice, but ALL of these stories are ultimately just part of one epic tail. Every meeting; every path crossed mean that two stories have intersected, becoming intertwined. Thus we ultimately become part of each other’s stories.

Ironically, even those of us who recognize our part in this epic adventure tale don’t always realize that our stories really have no beginning or end. We assign arbitrary stopping and starting points, but all endings are beginnings, and all beginnings are endings.

This Grand Tale is eternal.

I am realizing more and more as I move along the current part of my story that I am not exactly hiking the Appalachian Trail, but exploring a culture that is a unique blend of the fringe and the heart and soul of humanity. I am exploring life distilled down to its purest essence. I am being reborn moment by moment; continuing a tired old tale; starting a new story … adding to the epic adventure.

Everyone has a story to tell. This is a fundamental truth. My name is Picnic.

Join me in my story?