Two attempts

I am once again caught in the inertia of my own lack of momentum, so I am having a creative lull. I always look forward to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups because it tends to be the spark that lights the pilot light and gets my thought oven a cooking again (sorry for the random selection of metaphors). This week’s challenge, which was supposed to be a break after the last few rather challenging challenges, actually turned out to be quite difficult for me. My first attempt was rather dark and gloomy, and did not leave me satisfied, but I still include it here. Then just because I am me, I forced myself to step out of the box I seem to be sitting in and squoze out the second attempt.

Ironically, we are also permitted to add a pic to this one, and despite my alter alter ego being a photo nut, I don’t seem to have any appropriate pics to share that go with either of my attempts. Ah well.

Prompt: … lest we forget …

Attempt 1:

We looked over the field of destruction, his last words echoing in our heads. “Do not forget why we fought this day!”

That tortured lump of flesh was once our enemy. His pained moans sounded no different then the general’s final gasp.

We already lost the reason!

All the rhetoric had sounded so believable. But the reality drove it right out of our heads.

We forgot why.

We looked over the field of destruction. We saw the pain. The misery. We heard the moans indistinguishable from each other. Is this our future? We engraved this vision in our minds.

Lest we forget.

Attempt 2:

It is hard to admit when one person is indispensable, but there was no denying it in this case. We couldn’t do without him. Michael Lest was like having a walking, talking personal planner. He always knew when things had to be done, who needed to do them, and the tools necessary for it to get done. The man was uncanny. He could remember the most minute detail of just about anything. There was not a single day that the office did not find someone running his way, shouting that cry of alarm that always started with: “Lest we forget … “